Lunch Talk series 2023-24
ILCB's monthly newsletter N°30 - Nov. 15th, 2023
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Dear members of the ILCB community,


We hunt for treasures in the data… but also in the streets of Marseille! 

This year, Elin Runnqvist and the PhD program team—Etienne Thoret and Leonardo Lancia—organized a treasure hunt for the annual welcoming day of the ILCB docs and postdocs, around 30 students. The same team is organizing various lunch talks throughout the academic year. These events are open to all members of the ILCB, providing a great opportunity for scientific and informal exchanges. 

I would like to thank all ILCB members who participated at the annual conference of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL), with special thanks to Cheryl Frenck-Mestre and Xavier Alario, the local organizers. The conference was a great success with over 800 attendees from 26 countries. The ILCB was well represented through a symposium on the “Origin and function of hemispheric asymmetry for language: Insights from neuroscience, animal models and clinical practice.” 


We finally managed to hire a new operation coordinator to replace Sabrina Rodrigues and Marien Gouyon. Her contract will start on December 1st and her name is Lilia Mena. We will present her in the next newsletter. Please reserve her a warm welcome.


Hope to see you at our next event: the workshop on prosody and dialogue organized around the habilitation defense of Cristel Portes (see below).


Best wishes,


Quote of the month


"a specific focus on analogy (similar features and function but not shared ancestry) and homology (shared ancestry) [...reveals...] that combinatorial features of animal communication are analogous but not homologous to natural language. Homologies are found instead in cognitive capacities of attention manipulation which are enriched in humans, making possible many distinctive forms of communication, including language use."


Thom Scott-Phillips and Christophe Heintz. 2023.

“Animal Communication in Linguistic and Cognitive Perspective.”

Annual Review of Linguistics 9 (1): 93–111.


Figure of the month
Distinct neural mechanisms support inner speaking and inner hearing


Légende en cours

Ladislas Nalborczyk, Marieke Longcamp, Mireille Bonnard, Victor Serveau, Laure Spieser, and F.-Xavier Alario. 2023. “Distinct Neural Mechanisms Support Inner Speaking and Inner Hearing.” Cortex 169 (December): 161–73.

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Supported projects
Habilitation Defense & Scientific Workshop

On Friday, December 1st,

Cristel PORTES (LPL, Aix-Marseille Université & CNRS) will defend her Habilitation memoir entitled 

From the Prosody of Discourse to Intonational Meaning in Dialogue(s)


Along with this defence, a scientific workshop is organized with the following preliminary program


Fri. Dec. 1st, 2023 @ LPL (Aix-en-Provence)

10h00 Brechtje Post (University of Cambridge, England)

11h30 Stefan Baumann (University of Cologne, Germany) 

12h15 Lunch

14h00 Soutenance HDR, Cristel Portes (LPL, Aix-Marseille Université & CNRS)

17h00 Social hour

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ILCB supports

December 4th to 6th (Mon.-Wed.) 2023

at Campus-Saint-Charles.

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ILCB represented at Neurostories
Neurostories, 5th edition

Elin Runnqvist (LPL) will present her research "UNE COPIE DU MONDE DANS NOTRE TÊTE !" at the next NeuroStories event, organized by the NeuroMarseille Institute.


NeuroStories is a series of 15 minutes "stand-up" presentations on the cerveau. (The event is in French.) Five speakers will provide complementary views on how the brain adapts to its environment. 


January 25th at 7 PM -- Amphithéatre Noailles, 63 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille

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Summary of future events


Please always check the events page on the ILCB website for the latest update.

Scientific workshop & Habilitation defense
Dec. 1st 2023 @ LPL -- From the Prosody of Discourse to Intonational Meaning in Dialogue(s)
Read more and register
David SCHLANGEN, University of Potsdam
February 9th 2024 @ -- Understanding Understanding—in General, and in Large Language Models
Read more and register
Anne-Lise GIRAUD, Institut de l'Audition à l'Institut Pasteur
March 15th 2024 @ -- TBA
Read more and register
Klaus ZUBERBÜHLER, Université de Neuchâtel
April 19th 2024 @ -- Revisiting the origins of meaning
Read more and register
Peter VUUST, Dept. of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University & Royal Academy of Music
May 24th 2024 @ -- Subdivide and Conquer. Brain Processing of Musical Melody, Harmony and Rhythm.
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Conference on Multilingualism
June 10-12th 2024 @ Le Cube, Campus Schuman -- Subdivide and Conquer. Brain Processing of Musical Melody, Harmony and Rhythm.
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