Timing, action, and language


Timing is essential for the smooth coordination of neural and motor processes involved in action execution.  The brain’s ability to time actions is related to the integration of information across sensory modalities and involves generation of predictive signals to anticipate future events.  Timing ability is essential for successful performance of movements in music, and dance, […]

Multimodality in social interaction

Salle des voûtes, St Charles 3 place Victor Hugo, Marseille

The goal of this meeting is to bring together researchers at various levels of their careers (PhD, postdoc, PIs) to engage in a two day interactive sessions on various theoretical and methodological problems confronted in the field of communication and social interactions in humans and nonhumans. What are the basic signals used in communication? How […]

Treize Minutes Marseille

Programme (https://treize.lis-lab.fr/). Les petites capsules vidéo des intervenants 2023: https://vimeo.com/showcase/10235761

Conference on Multilingualism

The Conference on Multilingualismis postponed to June 2024   The Conference on Multilingualism (COM) 2023 will be held from June 12th to 14th at ''Le Cube'' on the campus of Aix-Marseille Université, in the beautiful city of Aix-en-Provence. It is an annual international venue for research on bilingualism and multilingualism and follows recent COM meetings, […]