ILCB's monthly newsletter N°7 - October 15th, 2021
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Dear members of the ILCB,

We have just passed an important step, our mid-term GoNoGo evaluation in front of an international jury in Paris. The results are still unknown, but we all had the impression that the interview went really well. Many thanks to all of you who acknowledged the support of the ILCB in their publications, who gave us feedback and ideas and who sent invaluable project sheets, articles, figures…

Special thanks go to Sonja Kotz, from the international advisory board, who came all the way from Maastricht to support us, to Marieke Longcamp and Pascal Belin who presented the two pillars of the ILCB, training and research, and to Denis Bertin who represented our institutional partners and the A*Midex steering committee.

Now that this is done, let’s pursue our efforts to tackle fundamental unanswered questions about language and communication, as we wrote in our initial application. For this, it might be useful to reactivate the cross-cutting topics: some of them could be merged and others created from scratch. The next retreat could serve to think about the big unanswered questions we would like to address in the next few years. So, do not hesitate to talk to colleagues at our various events (lunch talks etc.) and please let us know what the most exciting cross-cutting topic would be for you!

Best wishes,


Quote of the month
"Go ILCB!"
Mireille Besson, October 12th, around 10 AM.
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Figure of the month
Functionally homologous representation of vocalizations in the auditory cortex of humans and macaques

- Macaques and humans show voice-selective anterior temporal voice areas (aTVA)
- Similar representation of sounds are present in primary auditory cortex of both species
- Representational similarity analysis (RSA) reveals that aTVAs categorize conspecific vocalizations apart from other sounds
- There is a functional homology in the high-level auditory cortex of humans and macaques

Bodin, Trapeau, et al. (2021) Current Biology


Scientific portraits
Víctor José López Madrona
Víctor López-Madrona was awarded a 2021 ILCB post doc fellow grant to conduct a project at the INS to study the electrophysiological dynamics of the auditory cortex during speech perception. As a former…
Featured publications
Functional Topography of Auditory Areas Derived From the Combination of Electrophysiological Recordings and Cortical Electrical Stimulation
Agnès Trébuchon,  F.-Xavier Alario,  & Catherine Liégeois-Chauvel
Musical Expertise Is Associated with Improved Neural Statistical Learning in the Auditory Domain
Jacques Pesnot Lerousseau & Daniele Schön
Oscillatory activity and EEG phase synchrony of concurrent word segmentation and meaning-mapping in 9-year-old children
Neus Ramos-Escobar,  Emma Segura, Guillem Olivé, Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells, & Clément François
The measurement, evolution, and neural representation of action grammars of human behavior
Dietrich Stout, Thierry Chaminade, Jan Apel, Ali Shafti & A. Aldo Faisal
European Performing Science Night 2021
European Performing Science Night 2021
Four members of the ILCB – Clément François, Philippe Blache, Thierry Legou and Léonardo Lancia – were present in Badalona for the first European Performing Science Night (EPSN), organized within the framework of the European Researchers’ Night, a Marie Curie Slodowska Initiative.…
Summary of future events

Oct. 22nd,15:00 à 18:00

Prof. Evelina Fedorenko, MIT (visio-conference)
The language system in the human brain.

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Oct. 29th,12:00 - 17:00

Luc Arnal & Keith Doelling, Institut de l’Audition, Centre Pasteur (Paris XI)
Temporal niches in auditory communication

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Nov. 5th, 16:00 - 17:00

Elise Hopman (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Production practice is more effective than comprehension for second language learning

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Nov. 12th, 12:00 - 16:00

Aurélie Bidet-Caulet, INS (AMU & INSERM)
How does the human brain resist auditory distraction?

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Nov. 26th, 12:00 - 15:00

Isabelle Darcy, IMERA ILCB fellow, University of Indiana

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Dec. 12th, 16:00 - 17:00

Philip Huebner (University of Illinos, Urbana-Champaign)
BabyBERTa: Learning More Grammar With Small-Scale Child-Directed Language

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Dec. 3rd, 12:00 - 16:00

Andrea E. Martin, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (Nijmegen)

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