Víctor José López Madrona

Víctor López-Madrona was awarded a 2021 ILCB post doc fellow grant to conduct a project at the INS to study the electrophysiological dynamics of the auditory cortex during speech perception. As a former engineer, Víctor is specialized on signal analysis and brain connectivity. He did his PhD at the Neuroscience Institute in Alicante, Spain, where he studied the synchronization between hippocampal rhythms during memory processes. Thanks to advanced signal processing methods, he was able to separate multiple theta generators in the rat hippocampus that were modulated during behavioural tasks. Then, he moved to the INS, where he has been doing a post-doc using the same methodologies in simultaneous EEG and MEG recordings during different cognitive tasks. For his ILCB project, Víctor will combine his experience in data analysis to do a fine characterization of the different substructures in the auditory cortex. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with several ILCB labs (INT, I2M and LPC), he will investigate how the electrophysiological rhythms are associated with bottom-up and top-down processes during speech perception. 

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