The ILCB Center of Experimental Resources (CREx)

This team is composed of four engineers specializing in scientific computing and data analysis as well as a team coordinator.

The CREx plays a central role within the Labex BLRI/ILCB Institute by providing support to all of its members and across all of its topics of research. The complementary nature of the CREx members’ profiles makes it possible for them to accompany the ILCB’s diverse and inter-disciplinary projects, all of which center around the study of the language processes related to speech production, perception and cognition.

A key aim of the CREx is to develop, during the course of their interventions in the institute’s various projects, analysis tools that can be exploited by the scientific community and which favor data interoperability.

While taking into account the specificities of the various research instruments used in the ILCB, the CREx develops methods and procedures for:

  • experimental design
  • data preparation
  • data analysis

The expertise of this service also makes it possible to carry out multimodal experimental research in which different experimental techniques are combined to study a particular research question.

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