Evelina Fedorenko

via zoom

Le séminaire se tiendra en visioconférence via le lien :   https://univ-amu-fr.zoom.us/j/91316230672 Code secret : 631670 The first lunch talk of the year will take place on 22 October from 3 to 4.30 pm and it will be in visio. We will have the pleasure to listen to Evelina Fedorenko . You will find below […]

Temporal niches in auditory communication

Salle des voûtes, St Charles 3 place Victor HugoMarseille,

Luc. H Arnal and Keith B. Doelling, Institut de l’Audition, Centre Pasteur, Paris XII. Communication signals such as speech or music, are complex signals that exploit acoustic features in a wide array of timescales. The auditory system responds differently to each timescale creating opportunity for sound designers, composers and human talkers to exploit these temporal […]

Aurélie Bidet-Caulet

FRUMAM 3 place Victor HugoMarseille,

How does the human brain resist auditory distraction? One main challenge for the attentive brain is to resist distracting information. Auditory distraction can result from predictable irrelevant information (e.g. ongoing background noise) or from unexpected, transient and salient distracting events (e.g. phone ring, fire alarm…). Using intracranial EEG, scalp EEG and MEG data combined with […]