Child development, prosody, gesture, communicative coordination

PhD supervisor : Abdellah Fourtassi and Mariapoala D'Imperio

Labotary : Laboratoire d'Informatique & Systèmes and Laboratoire Parole et Langage

Keywords : child development, prosody, gesture, communicative coordination,

Expected competences of the candidate : experimental design and/or corpus analysis skills.

Summary of the pre-proposal : We are happy to sponsor candidates for application to the ILCB PhD or Postdoc fellowships (deadline by June 12th). We propose a project that investigates children’s mastery of the prosodic structure and function of their native language. We will study how children learn to combine the production of prosodic cues with the use of gesture (especially head movement) in a communicative context (e.g., Esteve-Gibert et al., 2022). The research methods are interdisciplinary and involve laboratory experiments and/or analysis of multimodal corpora. A detailed research proposal will be defined and written together with the selected candidate and the co-advisors Mariapaola D’Imperio and Abdellah Fourtassi.

If interested, please send us your cv at and