Cross-cutting Topics


Interdisciplinary Research at the ILCB

1. Development and Evolution

What are the origins of language in individuals and different species?

 2. Neural and Cognitive Dynamics in Language and Conversation

What are the cognitive, linguistic and neural dynamics that enable language and communication?

 3. Maths, Models, Networks and Interactions

Can we quantify and model dynamic phenomena at different scales?

4. Language Pathology and Remediation

How to explain and remediate language and communication dysfunctions?

Highlights from our cross-cutting topics


QT1: Language and Evolution, the Developmental Research Group

Language development has become a big interdisciplinary topic at the ILCB (see also our CoCoDev project team and visit the baby lab at St. Charles). We have more than a dozen PhD and postdoc students that work on this topic doing exciting, groundbreaking and highly interdisciplinary research. We are proud to present them in video that was made by them for our last Workshop: ILCB’S KALEIDOSCOPE A Collective Journey through Multidisciplinary Insights