1 Post doc ILCB Fellow

Call “ILCB fellow”

(2-year postdoc position, deadline October 31, 2021)


The ILCB offers a 2-year postdoc position starting in 2022

The ILCB fellow is entitled to propose his or her own original project on any topic that relates to the cognitive and/or neural basis of language and communication.

The fellow is encouraged to propose potential collaborators amongst the members of the ILCB (https://www.ilcb.fr/members/business-directory/) .

Projects that involve two or more ILCB labs are preferred (see https://www.ilcb.fr/about/partner-laboratories/)

The candidate is expected to show strong scientific maturity and a strong research background and bring to the ILCB new approaches, projects, techniques, and ideas.

A complete application should contain:

  • A full description of the research project (~ 5 pages):
  1. Title
  2. Host Laboratory
  3.    Potential collaborators amongst ILCB members
  4. Short Summary
  5. Scientific context/state of the art
  6. Objectives
  7. Methodology
  8. Expected results
  9. Brief statement about the relevance of the project for the ILCB
  10. Proposed Timeline
  11. CV with complete list of publications
  12. Cover letter stating the candidate’s motivation
  13. At least one letter of recommendation
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Monthly net salary: ~2000 € (depending on experience)
  • Deadline: October, 31, 2021; Audition: end of November
  • Starting Date: February 2022

How to apply:

Address for application : https://applications.ilcb.fr/postdoc-positions/

Applications should be sent to : nadera.bureau@univ-amu.fr

For enquiries contact : Johannes.Ziegler@univ-amu.fr