2 Post doc ILCB Fellow

Call “ILCB fellow”

(2-year postdoc position, deadline June 15, 2021)


The ILCB offers an extra postdoc position in 2021 that complements the two postdoc positions already advertised (see https://www.ilcb.fr/ilcb-fellow/ ).

The “ILCB fellow” is different from the other two postdoc-positions because an ILCB fellow is entitled to propose his or her own original project without the need to be directly supervised by one or two ILCB members (as is the case with the other two postdoc positions). The candidate is expected to show strong scientific maturity and a strong research background. The fellow is expected to bring to the ILCB new approaches, projects, techniques, and ideas

on any topic that falls within the area of language, communication, brain and modelling.

The ILCB regroups several top research laboratories in linguistics, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, medicine, computer science, and mathematics that are located in Aix-en-Provence, Avignon and Marseille (see https://www.ilcb.fr/about/partner-laboratories/)

A complete application should contain:

  1. A full description of the research project (~ 5 pages):
    1. Title
    2. Host Laboratory (the project needs to be hosted by one of the ILCB labs)
    3. Short Summary
    4. Scientific context/state of the art
    5. Objectives
    6. Methodology
    7. Expected results
    8. Brief statement about the relevance of the project for the ILCB
    9. Proposed Timeline
  2. CV with complete list of publications
  3. Cover letter stating the candidate’s motivation
  4. At least one letter of recommendation
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Monthly net salary: ~2000 € (depending on experience)
  • Deadline: June, 15, 2021; Audition: to be announced shortly, between July 5 and 9
  • Starting Date: October 2021

How to apply:

Address for application : https://applications.ilcb.fr/postdoc-positions/

Applications should be sent to : nadera.bureau@univ-amu.fr

For enquiries contact : Johannes.Ziegler@univ-amu.fr