The ILCB Docs & Postdocs Group

When speaking or writing, or when interpreting oral or written utterances we rely on a multifaceted competence and activate a multitude of heterogeneous processes unfolding over different time scales and observable at different levels of analysis.

A Labex is a confederation of institutions whit its own budget provided by the French National Agency for Research (ANR). The overarching aim of the BLRI is to propose a general model of language processing and of its neural bases. The support to empirical research is guaranteed by the engineers working at the CREX, the BLRI centre for the data analysis.

As a Labex, the BLRI employs an important portion of its budget to support doctoral and post-doctoral research with research grants to individual young researchers working in collaboration with researchers affiliated to the partner institutions of the BLRI. This blog is organized by the doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers of the BLRI and has the aim to report on their research and their activity as a group.

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Elliot HuggettPhD student LPL / LPC
Clément VerrierPhD student INM / LIS
Shuai WangPost-Doctoral LPL / INT / Haskins LAB.
Nicole VogesPost-Doctoral INT / INS
Etienne ThoretPost-Doctoral PRISM / LIS
Snežana TodorovićPhD student LPL
Shinji SagetPhD student INT / LIS
Kep Kee LohPost-Doctoral LPL / INT
Raphaël FargierPost-Doctoral LNC / LPL
Akrem SellamiPost-Doctoral INT / LIS
Axel BarraultPhD student LPL
Tom DagensPhD student INT / LIF
Filippi PieraPost-Doctoral LPC / LPL
Anders RoycePost-Doctoral LPC
Alexia FasolaPhD student LPC / INS
Mathieu RiouPhD student LIA / INT
Leonardo LanciaPost-Doctoral INT / LPL
Anna MarczykPost-Doctoral LPL
Joshua SnellPhD student LPC
Clementine BodinPhD student INT / LSIS
Michele ScaltrittiPost-Doctoral LPC / LNC
Mathieu DeclerckPost-Doctoral LPC
Nuria Esteve gibertPost-Doctoral LPL
Andrea ValentePost-Doctoral LPC
Jean baptiste BernardPost-Doctoral LPC / LIS / LPL
Anna Elisabeth BeyersmannPost-Doctoral LPC / LPL
Ambre Denis-NoëlPhD student LPL / LPC
Eva DittingerPhD student LPL / LNC
Amandine Michelas-PoggioliPost-Doctoral LPL / INS
Veronica MontaniPost-Doctoral LPC
Aurélie LagarriguePost-Doctoral LPL / LNC
Jorane Saubesty PhD student LPL / CRVM
Imed Laaridh PhD student LIA / LPL
Caralyn KempPost-Doctoral LPL / LPC
Jérémy DannaPost-Doctoral LPL / LNC