Cerebral Processing of Voice Information: From Monkeys to Deep Learning

How do we extract and process the treasure-trove of information in voices? Experiments involving techniques ranging from monkey neuroimaging to deep learning provide an increasingly detailed picture of the ‘vocal brain’ and its evolution in primates. Results suggest an organization in several ‘voice patches’ analogous to that of the face patch system. Pascal Belin, Institut […]

New addition to our HAL archive

Interspecific behavioural synchronization: dogs exhibit locomotor synchrony with humans Charlotte Duranton, Thierry Bedossa, Florence Gaunet. Behavioural synchronization is widespread among living beings, including humans. Pairs of humans synchronize their behaviour in various situations, such as walking together. Affiliation between dyadic partners is known to promote behavioral synchronization. Surprisingly, however, interspecific synchronization has recived little scientific […]

Dendrophilia and the Biology of Language

ILCB Lunch talk was held by Tecumseh Fitch the 01/30/2018 An understanding of both the neural mechanisms involved in language, and their evolutionary history, requires incisive comparisons between humans and nonhuman animals. Ideally, such comparisons are grounded in an explicit, computational framework encompassing both formal and neural components. I review work comparing humans with nonhuman […]