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Bilingual Lexical

May/03/2022 - May/04/2022

Bilingual Lexical Representations Workshop_Programme

Listening to speech in your native language (L1) is relatively easy. Recognizing the words used in a conversation is generally an automatic and smooth everyday process. Even in noisy or otherwise less than ideal conditions, our performance is surprisingly robust. But anyone who has attempted to follow a conversation in a second language (L2) knows how demanding this can be, even if you know all the words.


The semantic representations of L2 words have been investigated extensively. Our phonetic representations of those words, however, are much less widely understood. Independently of how well you know the meaning of words, identifying individual words out of the acoustic speech stream is difficult for the L2 listener. Not only the perceptual processing of L2 speech sounds, but also their stored phonetic representations, are influenced by the L1, making listening much more complex in the L2 than in the L1. The relatively new and rapidly evolving research area of bilingual lexical representations investigates how L2 learners represent the phonetic forms of words in their mental lexicon, and how these representations change over time.


This workshop aims to provide an overview of the most recent developments in the field. Now is an exciting time to outline the essential questions that need to be explored, and to work collectively towards a long-term research agenda. A number of methodological challenges are also best addressed together and across disciplines, in order for the field to move forward on a solid basis.


More information on this topic can be found here : https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/15827/fuzzy-lexical-representations-in-the-nonnative-mental-lexicon#overview

Le workshop sera en présentiel le matin a Marseille (a l’IMéRA), et il y a une option par zoom, également