Using a combined EEG-VR methodology to investigate the role of motor activation during language processing

Year: 2018

Collaborators: Ana Zappa 1, Deirdre Bolger2, Jean-Marie Pergandi3, Pierre Mallet3, Cheryl Frenck-Mestre1, Daniel Mestre3


Technique: EEG-VR

Platform: CRVM

CREx support: Deirdre Bolger

The primary objective of this project is to conduct an experiment to study how an highly immersive, multimodal, interactive 3D virtual reality (VR) environment may enhance foreign language learning compared to a less immersive 2D on-screen learning context. However, as the integration of EEG in a VR environment is relatively new, a preparation phase is necessary to test the feasibility and validity of combining EEG and VR. Given the large volume of work involved in this crucial preparation phase, this "demande de soutien" concerns this first preparatory stage, which we will call phase I of the project. Once phase I of the project has been completed, and depending on the findings, we intend to submit a separate "demande de soutien" for the experiment proper, which we will call phase II of the project.