Magalie Ochs

Magalie Ochs is Associate Professor in Computer Science at Aix-Marseille University in the Laboratoire d’Informatique et des Systèmes (LIS). Since her master in Artificial Intelligence at Montréal University, Magalie’s research aims at integrating social and emotional intelligence in social robots and virtual agents. She has worked in several national and international laboratories: University Paris 8, […]

Arielle, the Guinea baboon

Arielle is a Guinea baboon who recently gave birth to a daughter named Uyu, “the one who answers the call” in Wolof. She, her daughter, and the rest of the colony are residents of the primatology centre in Rousset where the CRPN’s Primate Behaviour and Cognition platform is located. Arielle voluntarily takes part in comparative […]

Sonja A. Kotz

Prof. Sonja Kotz will hold the ILCB IMERA chair this semester. Prof. Sonja Kotz is a translational cognitive neuroscientist, investigating temporal, rhythmic, and formal predictions and control mechanisms in audition, music, and speech across the lifespan, in animal models, and patients (PD, stroke, tinnitus, psychosis, dyslexia). In her research she utilizes a wide range of […]

Lilia Mena

Lilia MENA is the new operations coordinator of ILCB. After working as a teacher in Mexico, Lilia came to France in 2017 to study a master’s degree in European and International studies. Interested in the international relations in the educational field, for five years she has coordinated projects promoting the European program Erasmus+, both in […]

Margherita Giamundo

Margherita Giamundo was awarded a 2023 ILCB post-doc fellowship to work with Pascal Belin (INT), in collaboration with Etienne Thoret (PRISM, INT). Her project will address the question of the encoding of voice identity in the primate brain, focusing on the variation in spiking activity of voice-selective neuronal populations of the temporal cortex. Margherita will […]

Clara Bourot

Clara Bourot was awarded a 2023 ILCB PhD grant, to work with Laurence Reboul (I2M), in collaboration with Arnaud Rey (LPC), and Jean-Marc Freyermuth (I2M), to apply statistical modeling of the developmental trajectory of babies’ vocal productions between 0 and 12 months. Clara obtained Bachelor and Master degrees in Mathematics at Aix-Marseille University, and she […]

Ambre Balleroy

Ambre Balleroy was awarded a 2023 ILCB PhD fellowship to work with Thomas Schatz (LIS), Claire Kabdebon (LPC) and Ricard Marxer (LIS). Her PhD project focuses on computational modeling of speech perception in infants. She previously obtained a master’s degree in cognitive science and a bachelor’s degree in language science.

Camilla Di Pasquasio

Camilla Di Pasquasio is a psychologist with a MSc in Neuroscience. She was awarded a 2023 ILCB PhD fellowship to work with Dr. Thierry Chaminade (INT), in collaboration with Dr. Brigitte Bigi (LPL). Her project will include the analysis of brain and physiological responses involved in sensorimotor and contextual information during a behavioral protocol testing […]

Jacques Pesnot Lerousseau

Jacques Pesnot Lerousseau received a 2023 ILCB post-doc fellowship to work with Benjamin Morillon (INS), in collaboration with Valentin Wyart (ENS) and Jean-Rémi King (ENS). His project will address the question of “in-context learning” in human brains and artificial neural networks, aiming to uncover the mechanisms behind rule generalization in the brain and algorithms. As a […]

Katherine Bryant

Katherine Bryant was awarded a 2023 ILCB post-doc fellowship to work with Adrien Meguerditchian (LPC) and Olivier Coulon (INT). Her project will address the anatomic changes that occur in baboon development from birth to adulthood, with a special focus on lateralization of grey and white matter. The analysis of these data will permit greater insight […]