ILCB visiting Prof. Martin Pickering

Professor Martin Pickering is Director of Research for the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh (UK). Prof. Pickering works in the areas of psychology of language and communication, including language production, language comprehension, dialogue, language and imagination, joint action, and bilingualism. Martin Pickering is visiting ILCB from March 1st […]

Marien Gouyon

You all know Marien Gouyon from his relentless organizational efforts across the ILCB. We warmly thank Marien for that! But did you know that Marien has an international scientific trajectory? Marien has a PhD in social anthropology with a thesis entitled “Ana loubia. Ethnographie des homosexualités masculines à Casablanca” (2018, Editions du Croquant). He was […]

Marie Montant

  Marie Montant is a senior member of the ILCB and a member of its evaluation committee. She holds a Maîtresse de Conférence position in Neurosciences at AMU and is affiliated to the Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive (Marseille). In September 2021, she was awarded a research fellow position at the Institut Méditerranéen de Recherches Avancées […]

Ana Zappa

Ana ZAPPA received the 2020 Best Thesis Award from the Language, Cognition, and Education doctoral school (ED 356).  Her thesis, entitled “Embodied semantics put to the test: electrophysiological evidence from virtual reality and classical environments“, was conducted under the supervision of Cheryl FRENCK-MESTRE (LPL) and in collaboration with the CRVM. Ana examined language processing and […]

Víctor José López Madrona

Víctor López-Madrona was awarded a 2021 ILCB post doc fellow grant to conduct a project at the INS to study the electrophysiological dynamics of the auditory cortex during speech perception. As a former engineer, Víctor is specialized on signal analysis and brain connectivity. He did his PhD at the Neuroscience Institute in Alicante, Spain, where […]

Isabelle Darcy, Professor at Indiana University Bloomington (USA)

Dr. Isabelle Darcy is Professor of Second Language Studies at Indiana University Bloomington (USA) and currently a research fellow at the IMéRA/ILCB until July 2022. Her research explores how adult language learners acquire the sounds and the words of a new language. She uses psycholinguistic methods to understand how these learners “learn to listen” and […]

Franziska Geringswald

Franziska Geringswald is joining the CREx engineer team. Franziska obtained a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany. She then worked with Marie-Hélène Grosbras (LNC) for several years. Franziska has a background in experimental psychology, with a specialization in visual attention and memory functions, in healthy and impaired vision. Franziska is delighted […]

Raphaël PY

Raphaël Py was awarded a 2021 ILCB PhD grant to conduct a project under the supervision of Marie Montant (LPC) and Marie-Hélène Grosbras (LNC). Raphaël was drawn to ILCB by its multiple research axes on brain and language. Raphaël worked for three years on the link between motor and language processes with Simon Thibault and […]

Auriane Boudin

Auriane Boudin was awarded a 2021 ILCB PhD grant to conduct a project under the supervision of Philippe Blache (LPL) and Magalie Ochs (LIS), and collaborations with Roxane Bertrand (LPL) and Stéphane Rauzy (LPL). Auriane obtained a bachelor in linguistics at AMU and developed a particular interest in interactional linguistics and human-machine interactions. Auriane then […]

Corinne Fredouille, professor at Avignon University

Dr. Corinne Fredouille is affiliated to the LIA, Laboratoire d’Informatique d’Avignon. She has worked for over fifteen years on the objective assessment of voice and speech disorders in collaboration with the LPL, Laboratoire Parole et Langage, and other national academic and clinical partners. She is currently involved in the RUGBI project. Corinne is promoted to the […]