Interpreting machine learning in hearing, communication and language sciences: why, how, and the current challenges

Here is the link to the event : "Interpreting machine learning ? Why and how ? " In the context of a cycle of talks organized by the ILCB post-docs, we are organising February, 11th (online) a talk/round table on interpretability. This event is dedicated to be informal and aims to be a place […]

Comparing brains across individuals and species via cortical folding patterns

KepKee and Olivier Coulon Abstract: A prominent feature of the human cerebral cortex is the presence of folds, or sulci. Even though cortical sulci look very different from one person to another, sulcal organisation is not at all random: it follows a topography that is highly conserved across human and nonhuman primates. Robust sulci-function relationships have mostly […]

Summer school

CIRM - Luminy 163 avenuede Luminy, Case 916, Marseille