Class of 2021 – Master in Cognitive Science

The class of 2021 of the master in Cognitive Science, aka MasCo, is here! On this very week, 27 students are joining the Master 1, of which 14 will follow the track “Language, Communication, and the Brain” and 13 will follow the track “Cognitive functions: Normal and pathological organization”.

The students come from a variety of academic backgrounds: 6 in linguistics, 8 in psychology, 3 in mathematics, 2 in informatics, etc. Nineteen of them are joining AMU on this occasion.

The MasCo is supervised by Brice Isableu and Bruno Torresani. The two tracks are supervised by, respectively, Marieke Longcamp and James German, and by Laurence Casini and Marlene Abadie. The smooth coordination is by Marien Gouyon.


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