Strengths and challenges of longitudinal non-human primate neuroimaging

Xiaowei Song,  Pamela García-Saldivar,  Nathan Kindred,  Yujiang Wang,  Hugo Merchant,  Adrien Meguerditchian,  Yihong Yang,  Elliot Stein,  Charles Bradberry, Suliann Hamed, Hank Jedema, & Colline Poirier

NeuroImage, 236, 118009.

Longitudinal non-human primate neuroimaging has the potential to greatly enhance our understanding of primate brain structure and function. Here we describe its specific strengths, compared to both cross-sectional non-human primate neuroimaging and longitudinal human neuroimaging, but also its associated challenges. We elaborate on factors guiding the use of different analytical tools, subject-specific versus age-specific templates for analyses, and issues related to statistical power.

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