Bissera Ivanova

Bissera Ivanova was awarded a 2022 ILCB PhD grant to conduct a project under the supervision of Kristof Strijkers (LPL), Benjamin Morillon (INS), and Liina Pylkkänen  from New York University (NYU), to explore the spatio-temporal dynamics of syntax processing between the production and perception modalities. Bissera studied in the UK, completing a BA in Linguistics and a MSc in Cogntive Science, and working as a research assistant on a project on the development of pragmatic skills in children. Bissera then came to Aix-Marseille to work with Dr Strijkers on the neural dynamics of single word processing. Of course, language exists in its naturalistic environment as words interwoven in complex structures. Bissera was thus very interested in exploring the neural dynamics supporting syntactic structure processing. It is fantastic that Prof Pylkkänen has joined the supervisor’s team, as she is an leading expert on the dynamics of syntax and semantics processing.

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