Auriane Boudin

Auriane Boudin was awarded a 2021 ILCB PhD grant to conduct a project under the supervision of Philippe Blache (LPL) and Magalie Ochs (LIS), and collaborations with Roxane Bertrand (LPL) and Stéphane Rauzy (LPL). Auriane obtained a bachelor in linguistics at AMU and developed a particular interest in interactional linguistics and human-machine interactions. Auriane then started a master’s degree in cognitive science at ILCB with a project on the production of conversational feedbacks and the integration of conversational shared knowledge in interactional machines. Auriane has conducted research projects with Noël Nguyen and Giusy Cirillo on the linguistic and gestural behaviour produced by a talking head (Furhat), and with Philippe Blache, Roxane Bertrand, Stéphane Rauzy, and Magalie Ochs on the development of a generic conversational feedback model. Auriane will continue this line of work during her PhD, with a fully interdisciplinary approach that combines linguistics, machine learning and neurolinguistics to investigate conversational feedbacks.

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