Interpreting machine learning in hearing, communication and language sciences: why, how, and the current challenges

 Call for participation to the 11 of february dead line for submission : 29th of Januar, "Interpreting machine learning ? Why and how ? " Machine learning and deep neural networks have been raised as compelling models to simulate complex tasks in language, communication and brain sciences. But what do we really understand about […]

Sulcal anatomy for inter-individual and inter-species brain mapping. April 8th, The involvement of left ventral occipitotemporal cortex in speech processing.

Shuai Wang, Postdoc ILCB and Chotiga Pattamadilok, CNRS researcher, LPL Abstract : The left ventral occipitotemporal cortex (VOT) plays a key role in visual word processing, and is termed as visual word form area. Recent evidence suggests that it is also involved in different levels of speech processing, from letter detection to sentence listening. In […]