Isabelle Darcy, Professor at Indiana University Bloomington (USA)

Dr. Isabelle Darcy is Professor of Second Language Studies at Indiana University Bloomington (USA) and currently a research fellow at the IMéRA/ILCB until July 2022.

Her research explores how adult language learners acquire the sounds and the words of a new language. She uses psycholinguistic methods to understand how these learners “learn to listen” and to recognize spoken words in the new language. Recently, she started using event-related potentials (ERPs) to observe changes in the mental representations of words during acquisition. Her other research interests include the impact of individual differences on phonological processing and acquisition, and the teaching of pronunciation in the classroom.

While at AMU/ILCB, she will work on a project that investigates the nature of lexical representations in the bilingual mental lexicon using ERPs, in collaboration with the LPL and the LPC labs, with the goal of understanding how phonological knowledge interacts with word recognition and word encoding in the mental lexicon of second language learners.

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