Jacques Pesnot Lerousseau

Jacques Pesnot Lerousseau received a 2023 ILCB post-doc fellowship to work with Benjamin Morillon (INS), in collaboration with Valentin Wyart (ENS) and Jean-Rémi King (ENS). His project will address the question of “in-context learning” in human brains and artificial neural networks, aiming to uncover the mechanisms behind rule generalization in the brain and algorithms.

As a PhD student at INS, Jacques focused on temporal predictions in children with cochlear implants, under the supervision of Daniele Schön (INS). Later, as a post-doc at the University of Oxford with Christopher Summerfield (Universtity of Oxford, DeepMind), he developed artificial neural network models to understand how the brain structures auditory and visual information to promote generalization. Jacques’ work bridges auditory perception, computational modelling, and the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence.
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