Margaux Lê

Margaux Lê was awarded a 2022 ILCB post-doc grant to conduct a project on rhythmic skills in dysgraphia with Marianne Jover (PsyClé)Aline Frey (LNC), and Jeremy Danna (LNC, CLLE). Margaux started to investigate rhythmic processing in children with neuro-developmental disorders (DCD and/or DD) with Jessica Tallet during her MSc at the University of Toulouse. She continued studying the links between rhythm processing, motor skills and literacy in typical and atypical development during her PhD at the University of Poitiers under the supervision of Eric Lambert and Pauline Quémart. In line with this previous research, her post-doc aims to investigate rhythm skills and the influence of rhythmic background on handwriting in children with dysgraphia.

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