Marien Gouyon

Marien GouyonYou all know Marien Gouyon from his relentless organizational efforts across the ILCB. We warmly thank Marien for that! But did you know that Marien has an international scientific trajectory? Marien has a PhD in social anthropology with a thesis entitled “Ana loubia. Ethnographie des homosexualités masculines à Casablanca” (2018, Editions du Croquant). He was a post-doc the University of Angers, with field work in Dubai and Morocco to study the migratory paths of homosexual men. In 2019, Marien taught anthropology and sociology at the University of Ningbo, China. Since 2020, he is project manager at the ILCB and teaches occasionally at the University of Grenoble Alpes. In 2022, he published “‘Ils sont classes tes amis?’ Circulation of homonational rhetoric in gay spaces in Dubai” (Horizons Maghrébins) and “‘Sheep in a pen’: How the externalisation of EU borders impacts the lives of gay asylum seekers in Morocco”. Marien reaches out to a broader audience in his chronicles for the radio station Fréquence Mistral, “La minute d’anthropologie”.

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