Nadéra Bureau


For anyone involved with the ILCB, Nadéra Bureau needs no introduction, but… did you know that she holds an Assistant Manager degree and that she has been with us since 2012, first as the administrative and financial manager of the Labex Brain and Language Research Institute (BLRI) and then as the administrative and financial manager of the ILCB? Nadéra is in charge of the many things that are needed to keep the institute running on a daily basis: execute the budget, set up missions and work contracts, organize the logistics for all of our events (retreat, lunch talks, summer school…), update the internet site, deal with the various AMU and AMIDEX services and assist the director of the institute on a daily basis.  Her capacity to find solutions to the most complex problems (VISAs, orders, payments…) is legendary. Her work capacity and commitment are exemplary. Although she does all these things with a huge smile and a great sense of humor, please keep in mind that her days only have 24 hours. So try to anticipate all requests as much as possible to keep everybody relaxed and happy!

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