Tactile Perception of Auditory Roughness

Corentin Bernard, Richard Kronland-Martinet, Madeline Fery, Sølvi Ystad, and Etienne Thoret.

2022.  JASA Express Letters 2 (12): 123201 —  @HAL

Auditory roughness resulting from fast temporal beatings is often studied by summing two pure tones with close frequencies. Interestingly, the tactile counterpart of auditory roughness can be provided through touch with vibrotactile actua- tors. However, whether auditory roughness could also be perceived through touch and whether it exhibits similar characteris- tics are unclear. Here, auditory roughness perception and its tactile counterpart were evaluated using pairs of pure tone stimuli. Results revealed similar roughness curves in both modalities, suggesting similar sensory processing. This study attests to the relevance of such a paradigm for investigating auditory and tactile roughness in a multisensory fashion.
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