The Temporal Voice Areas Are Not ‘Just’ Speech Areas

Régis Trapeau, Etienne Thoret, and Pascal Belin.

2023, Frontiers in Neuroscience 16: 1075288 — @HAL

The Temporal Voice Areas (TVAs) respond more strongly to speech sounds than to non-speech vocal sounds, but does this make them Temporal “Speech” Areas? We provide a perspective on this issue by combining univariate, multivariate, and representational similarity analyses of fMRI activations to a balanced set of speech and non-speech vocal sounds. We find that while speech sounds activate the TVAs more than non-speech vocal sounds, which is likely related to their larger temporal modulations in syllabic rate, they do not appear to activate additional areas nor are they segregated from the non-speech vocal sounds when their higher activation is controlled. It seems safe, then, to continue calling these regions the Temporal Voice Areas.

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