Sonja A. Kotz

Prof. Sonja Kotz will hold the ILCB IMERA chair this semester. Prof. Sonja Kotz is a translational cognitive neuroscientist, investigating temporal, rhythmic, and formal predictions and control mechanisms in audition, music, and speech across the lifespan, in animal models, and patients (PD, stroke, tinnitus, psychosis, dyslexia). In her research she utilizes a wide range of behavioral and neuroimaging methods (M/EEG, s/f/rsMRI, TMS). She heads the Neuropsychology section at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University, The Netherlands and holds honorary professorships in Leipzig, Germany, and Lisbon, Portugal. Prof. Sonja Kotz is a senior/associate editor for several impact journals in the field (e.g., Imaging Neuroscience, Cortex, Neurobiology of Language). Find out more about her lab @

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