Effects of Biscriptuality on Graphomotor Coordination Dynamics

Gaëlle Alhaddad, Jérémy Danna, Celeste Younes-Harb, Jean-Luc Velay, and Marieke Longcamp.
2023. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 49 (2): 177–87  —  @HAL
Biscriptuality is the ability to write in two different writing systems. The aim of this study was toexamine the effects of biscriptuality on graphomotor coordination dynamics in right-handed adults.Thirty-four French monoscriptuals and 34 French-Arabic biscriptual participants traced series of loopsin two writing directions, and in two directions of rotation. We found that biscriptuals displayed ageneral advantage over monoscriptuals in terms of tracing frequency, while both groups displayed apreference for the left to right direction. These results provide novel evidence on the effects of writingdirection and type of expertise on graphomotor performance by showing that biscriptuality could be anasset.
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