Lise Habib-Dassetto

Lise Habib-Dassetto was awarded a 2022 ILCB PhD grant to conduct a project under the supervision of Marie Montant (LPC) and Cristel Portes (LPL), in collaboration with Alban Lemasson, director of EthoS (University of Rennes 1). Lise obtained Bachelor and Master degrees in Ethology at the university of Rennes 1 and developed a keen interest in animal communication, human evolution, and social behaviors. During her Master, she worked for two years on baboon’s multimodal communication at the CNRS primatology station. Lise has developed a new comparative approach at the crossroads of ethology and interactional linguistics to study the complexity of communication and interaction systems in primates. During her PhD, Lise will combine these quantitative and qualitative tools to explore multimodal interactions in Guinea baboons and thus help better understanding human language evolution.

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